Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I chose work

I just wrote a post " i love him so" the other day about the joy of motherhood. So the first 6 months are easy, trust me. You can leave the baby in the middle of the bed and come back and find him in the same position. After that everything changes. Baby E is at that point where he can not stay in one spot for more than 2 seconds. To babysitt him you have to be at the top of your game.

I got a cold yesterday, and i left work early to go home. This morning, i still was not feeling well but i only had two options. It was either i stayed home with Ethan or went to work. I chose to go to work. Why? It takes less energy to be at work than being with Ethan. He requires stemina that i do n0t have . So here is the truth, parents do not really get days off, even when they are sick. My master plan is to pray a lot today, hopefully God will hear me and baby E will go to bed at around 8:30pm.

So if there is anything that i miss about my "old life" , it is the ability to be sick and get a sick day doing nothing... lol

Still love you baby E...


  1. aaaww get well soon!!! Just noticed that Ethans bday is the same as my brother's ..i heart Leos..