Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Etiquette part 2

The previous rules stated on baby etiquette part 1 still apply. However, there are some new rules that have come along. Here are the dos and don't when you are around a sligly older baby ( 6months and up)

1. Don't say " he looks nothing like you , he looks so much like..."

They might have been in situations where the baby really looked like someone ex boyfriend but please refrain from making that comment. Also,know that most parents really want their kids to look like them, so try to find some sort of resemblance to speak of.

2. Don't call the child names you will not want to be called
Just because the babies can not remember that you called them fat does not make it OK. I have heard people, parent included called kids the strangest names.

3. When babysitting someone's kid, please don't make any drastic changes to the child appearance.
No haircut please, or braiding unless you have permission from the parents.

4. Don't ask the parents silly questions like "why is the baby crying".
We don't know, being parents does not make us understand baby talk.

5. Don't have a two hours conversation with a parent without enquiring about their kids. That should be the second question after " how are you"

6. Don't get caught up in the comparaison game. " ooh, so he is 9 months and he is not crawling yet, really? i started walking at 7 months" Thats a big no no. Parents realy don't want anyone to call their child slow.

7. This is a big one, never say anything bad about the appearance. For example " ooh , you still look pregnant" or " i thought your stomach would have gone down by now" or " My gosh , after seeing those strech mark i am not sure i want to have a kid" All of those are extremely rude and uncalled for. It is only in western countries that a woman is expected to look like she has never had a child 6 months after the baby is born. Too many women are loosing their lives trying to fit into this ridiculous, impossible to achieve " perfect body". By the way, it is not ok to tell someone that they look good for a mom, what the hell does that mean. If you are going to give a compliment what can't you just say, you look good.

8. Don't take it personal if the baby is running away from you. LOL... My son did not want to come to me last night, the good news is that i was too sick to get mad. Can you imagine that? So if you have been present in a baby's life and he has an off day and acts like he does not know you, its ok, don't get offended

9. Do keep an eye on your stuff. "i am not liable for anything my child destroys while in his own home" Kids love electronics and they will usually put it in their mouth. So no i will not be replacing 400 dollars cell phones. keep an eye on your things and i would do the same when we come over your house.

10. Don't yell if a kid falls on the floor. I have a hard time with that one. I will be the first one to do it. But if you yell , the kids starts crying and it makes it worst.

11. Don't yell at someone'else child. Ok this is a big one, it could get you in some big trouble. Unless, you have been there for the child since he was born and he is family, i doubt that the parents would be OK with you "disciplining" their kids. We parent tend to be in denial and believe that our child is the most perfect baby in the world.

11. Don't look at us as strange. Being a parent does not mean that we are not " normal". We can talk about non baby related stuff. So you don't have to be nervous about coming around and having a regular conversation with us. For more on that check my post on i love him so.


  1. LOL, ok i'm guilty of quite a number...thanks for the correction

  2. ro jhazmyn: Don't worry about it... I used to break all these rule before i had a child. I was so clueless, i wonder how many mommy i used to get mad...