Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am at a crossroads in my life. This week will conclude three years and a half spent at the same job. My job had become my second home and i was so confortable at what i did. I had "job security" and worked with great people. So why on earth i am leaving?

Have you ever felt like you are "stuck"? Like you could be doing so much more and being so much more? Well, i have been feeling this way about my job for a long time. However, i stayed ... because i was confortable. I think that sometimes we are willing to be less and take less than what we deserve because it is safe and convenient. I got this job when i was a sophomore in college. My big plan was to look for another job after i graduated from college. However, when i graduated, i was offered a full time position at my current job, so i stayed. I stayed and probably would have stayed for years to come. However, sometimes it takes someone to rub you the wrong way for you to realize that it is time to move on.

So i am packing everything, experiences, friends, office... and starting a new job on monday. I think he has not hit me yet. I am convine that on monday i am going to drive to my old job. It is hard to leave what has become family to me but i know i am doing the right thing.

What about you? In a time where the economy is begging us to be cautious, are you "stuck" and waiting for a wake up call? I stayed for so long because i taught i had " job security", but that was the lie that i told myself to sleep at night. We all know that there is no such thing, unless it is your father company. I could have been let go at any time. ANYTIME. The other lie i told myself was that if i left and went somewhere else i would be the new person and you know what they say " the last one to come the first one to go". I know that this is not necesseraly true. When a company is looking at what position to eliminate they get rid of the ones that they can live without... So what is the real reason you are at your job? Have you reach the highest position you will have at your job, yet you are staying... Are you wanting to make 6 figures in a company where the CEO is not making that amount? Are you at the right job or are you like me and became comfortable?

I am at a crossroads in my life; and i am anxious, nervous and ecxited. What about you?


  1. I had a job offer at a place that half of the world would love to work. I am not kidding either. But I turned it down as the timing was not right. I had to pray long and hard on it, but wherever I end up I know God had a plan.

  2. I think the longest I've ever stayed at a coy was 2years, and leaving was kinda scary for me cos like u said, it had become like a second home, but at some point in life, we realize that's its time to move on to the next phase, so u go girl, and take it one step at a time, in time.